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Match 2 is eager to help eligible international candidates secure suitable operations, manufacturing and engineering jobs. However, to be successful in the technical recruitment process, you will need to review the requirements called for in specific jobs and make sure that your background is a good match.

We are very happy to receive your application if you are not a New Zealand Permanent Resident. However you will need to be sure that you can obtain residency or an appropriate work visa.

These sites contain all the relevant and appropriate information concerning your entry into and working in New Zealand. We suggest you visit them first to determine your eligibility for entry into New Zealand.

These are sites that contain general information about living in New Zealand. They have information on some of the scenic attractions and places of interest that you should visit while in New Zealand. They’ll also give you a little bit of the “feel” of New Zealand and what it can offer.

This site and links from it will give you a good feel for rental properties, real estate, cars and just about anything else you want to buy:

And food:

Some more detailed information about key NZ cities:

And the dreaded tax link: