Match 2 Technical :: Permanent Recruitment


We pride ourselves on adding value to the permanent recruitment process, and aspire to developing lasting relationships with clients believing that our involvement can make a difference.

When recruiting a new technical staff member we feel it is important to adopt the role of strategic partner with our client – providing an effective search and selection process based on current business needs, company culture and person fit.

Our consultants are experienced technical professionals who can readily empathise with a client’s specific person requirements, and this enables them to be effective when identifying suitable candidates to fill a vacant role. We are not in the business of trying to fit round things in square holes and our consultants take the trouble to learn the culture of a client company and acquire a full understanding of a particular role before proceeding with the recruitment process.

In our business specialising is the key to being effective, and staying focussed on what we do best is important if we are to continue achieving results. We believe our performance today will help us perform even better tomorrow. Match 2 Technical is a member of the New Zealand branch of the RSCA and operates within the association’s professional guide lines.



Understanding a candidate’s aspirations and specific needs is something Match 2 Technical prides itself on. Our experienced consultants have technical backgrounds and this enables them to fully empathise and assist candidates with career choices. We welcome and encourage suitable candidates to contact us – it helps us to provide an effective service to our clients while presenting candidates with greater career opportunities in keeping with their skills and expertise.

If you have a technical background and currently seek new career opportunities, let us play a part. We have an on-going requirement for good technical people, at all levels across all the main technical disciplines. Check our site for engineering jobs.

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