Napier Tool & Die Co Ltd has used the services of Damon Collin at Match 2 Technical on several occasions when we have needed to recruit skilled personnel.

Damon has always worked hard to get the right candidates for us and acted as a go between for all the negotiations required which has taken any hassles out of the process for us. This has been the case with candidates from within New Zealand and from offshore.

If Damon tells you he is going to do something you can rely on the fact that it will be done when he says and that he will contact you with the information that you want in a timely manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Match 2 Technical to any company looking for a professional recruitment service.

Bruce Hickey, General Manager

I’ve recently hired several engineers introduced by Match 2 Recruitment. The roles ranged from junior to senior and required specialists in the mechanical and embedded software disciplines.  I’m particular about the people I want to employ and in the present environment this can make for a difficult search. Damon and Bill work hard to understand who I’m looking for, and demonstrated great perseverance in tracking down and presenting the best candidates. They are proactive with their searching rather than just waiting for prospects to respond to advertising. I’m very pleased with what they achieved for me.

Cliff Parker, R&D Programme Manager, Dairy Information Systems, Tru-Test

My biggest concern was finding a decent job that suited me in quite a small, specialist engineering sector. I considered this to be the major hurdle to my wishful move overseas. However, Match 2 found a great job for me, in the exact industry that I wanted to work in and in no time at all… less than 2 months in fact. I found Match 2 extremely easy to deal with. My memory of the experience was a few informal discussions with Match 2 followed by a phone interview with my future employer. A face-to-face interview overseas at the client’s expense was the next step and I had a job offer before I arrived home. I attribute this smooth process to the thorough job that Match 2 undertook in finding me the perfect job. Neither my time nor my future employer’s time was wasted, as Match 2 knew the exact employers that would have a suitable position for me. Match 2 saved me a lot of time and personal expense in facilitating overseas employment. I would certainly recommend Match 2 to any job seeker.”
Michael Sylvester, Senior Hydro Engineer, AECOM, New Zealand

“I’ve worked with Bill from both sides of the fence, firstly as someone recruiting me for a role in NZ and then subsequently to recruit people to join me in the company he introduced me to. When it comes to having someone you know is working in your best interests it’s hard to think of anyone better than Bill. When he was recruiting me he made sure I had everything and every bit of information I needed to make the right educated choices and kept in contact from NZ while I was in Scotland really well, I couldn’t ask for a better service or support. As a recruiter for my company I can say with confidence I think Bill is the best in the business when it comes to recruiting technical people. The best description I’ve ever heard for Bill is the Heat Seeking Missile! You talk to him about what you need, the skills, the attitude, the ‘soft stuff’ and Bill delivers time and time again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bill to anyone and would certainly use Bill as my 1st choice for any roles I look to fill.” April 6, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative
John Watt, Manufacturing Manager and Former Engineering Manager GPC Electronics

“There are two things that have distinguished Match 2’s service. First, when I have asked for help recruiting staff, they have got on with it – their response has been speedy. Second, and by no means of secondary importance to us, their screening and selection processes are good – I don’t believe we’ve had a dud in the eight or nine years we’ve been using Match 2.”
David Jorgenson, General Manager, Industrial Mouldings